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Hearing and Seeing  Abuse Affects Children

The harm caused by exposure to domestic violence (DV) may be as significant as being directly physically abused. Children and youth who witness DV may experience psychological, emotional, social and cognitive delays


There is also a common link between domestic violence and child abuse. Studies have found that as many as 40% of child abuse victims also report domestic violence has occurred in the home.

Learn about how abuse and violence exposure impacts children:

San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Victim Assistance Program

Children exposed to abuse may be eligible for free therapy funded through the Victim Compensation Board. To learn more contact a Victim Assistance Program advocate at (619) 531-4041.

Rady Children's Chadwick Center

Treatment for childhood trauma is available. Most services are covered through the California Victim Compensation Program if a police report has been filed or services may be covered through your insurance. Visit Chadwick here.

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